Sup. Ct. Interferes With Texas – Again!

( – Siding with Democrats in their efforts to keep destroying America with their damaging policies, the Supreme Court opted to keep pausing a Texas statute empowering local law enforcement to detain migrants entering the state without authorization.

In a brief statement, Justice Samuel Alito extended an administrative hold on the contested SB 4 legislation, which was nearing its previously determined expiration date.

The Biden administration appealed to the Supreme Court in early March in an attempt to halt the Texas law amid ongoing legal proceedings and claimed the law might “create chaos in the United States’ efforts to administer federal immigration laws in Texas.”

This extension lacks a definitive end date and will remain in place until either the entire Court or Alito intervenes with a new directive.

In December, Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorsed the legislation as a countermeasure to the all-time-high illegal border crossings. In turn, the Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a legal challenge against Texas in January to thwart the bill’s implementation.

Following a decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in February, which momentarily reversed a district court’s injunction against SB 4, the matter was escalated to the Supreme Court.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, representing the government, emphasized the potential diplomatic repercussions of SB 4 in the application submitted to the Court.

Prelogar asserted the law’s potential to disrupt relations with Mexico and other nations, especially given the importance of these connections in managing immigration issues at the southwestern border.

She noted, “SB 4 would harm the federal government’s relationship with other countries and prevent the United States from conducting assessments under treaties concerning removal to countries where the noncitizen may be persecuted or tortured.”

In its defense presented to the Supreme Court, Texas explained the state serves as the primary barrier against cross-border criminal activities and is duty-bound to oppose the deadly outcomes of the federal government’s failure to secure the border effectively.

The state’s submission stated, “Governor Abbott—acting as the ‘Commander-in-Chief of the military forces of the State’ of Texas, Tex. Const. art. IV, §4—has invoked Texas’s power to defend itself against transnational cartels engaged in terrorism, human trafficking, and fentanyl and weapons smuggling.”

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