Texas AG Cuts Deal

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In an effort to end a long-winded probe into his character, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has come to an agreement with state prosecutors to effectively close the curtain on his decade-long securities fraud case.

Announced during a hearing in Harris County, the 18-month pretrial intervention deal sets conditions for Paxton, including 100 hours of community service, completing 15 hours of legal ethics training and a back payment of $271,000 to investors in a tech startup from which he previously asked for investments without disclosing his compensation.

Paxton said he was relieved to resolve the case and emphasized his eagerness to continue serving Texas.

“I am grateful to reach this agreement, to get this matter behind me, so I can get back to the work representing the State of Texas,” he stated and asserted no wrongdoing on his part alongside his attorney, Dan Cogdell.

Cogdell said, “The agreement allows him to get back to representing the citizens of the State of Texas. But let me be clear, at no time was he going to enter any plea bargain agreement or admit to conduct that simply did not occur.”

“There is no admission of any wrongdoing on Ken’s part in the agreement because there was no wrongdoing on his part,” he further added.

Stemming from a 2015 indictment, the charges accused Paxton of failing to disclose his earnings while soliciting investments and cast a shadow over his career.

Special prosecutor Brian Wice acknowledged the potential confidence in a jury’s conviction but highlighted the procedural challenges and delays that plagued the case, saying “this case was a perfect storm of everything that could have derailed and delayed a prosecution.”

While the deal marks the end of this chapter of Paxton’s legal battles, it unfolds against the backdrop of other ongoing investigations into his conduct that include federal scrutiny and whistleblower allegations of abusing his office.

Despite the impeachment proceedings initiated by the Texas House, Paxton was acquitted by the Senate, with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick highlighting the lack of substantive evidence against him.

The resolution of this case does not end the scrutiny Paxton faces, as it comes along with broader inquiries into his professional conduct and the ongoing whistleblower lawsuit still pending before the state Supreme Court.

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