Trump DA Disqualified?! (Video)

Donald Trump

( – In what would be great news for justice and Donald Trump’s supporters, a Georgia judge has made it clear that it may be “possible” to disqualify DA Fani Willis, who’s persecuting the former president, based on evidence of her alleged misconduct and corruption.

See the video with the judge’s remarks below!

Judge Scott McAfee said during a hearing on Monday there was a conceivable scenario where Fulton County District Attorney Willis might face disqualification due to revelations by one of Trump’s co-defendants in the 2020 Georgia election subversion case.

The co-defendant, Michael Roman, has accused Willis of nepotism as she appointed her lover, Nathan Wide, as prosecutor in the case and secured lavish taxpayer-funded pay for him.

Roman asserts that Willis benefited from vacations funded by the proceeds of Wade’s “lucrative” contract.

McAfee highlighted the necessity of proceeding with the planned hearing on Thursday to scrutinize whether Willis should be barred from the Trump case.

This decision followed despite Willis’s appeal to discard Roman’s motion without further examination.

“The state has admitted a relationship existed,” McAfee noted

“[W]hat remains to be proven is the existence and extent of any financial benefit, again, if there even was one. So because I think it’s possible that the facts alleged by the defendant could result in disqualification, I think an evidentiary hearing must occur to establish the record on those core allegations,” the judge elaborated.

He stressed the critical issues at stake, including the nature of Willis and Wade’s relationship, its timing, and whether any personal gains were involved.

“That’s only relevant because it’s in combination with the question of the existence and extent of any personal benefit,” McAfee added.

Evidence presented in court documents from Wade’s divorce proceedings showed purchases of airline tickets in Willis’s name for trips to Miami and San Francisco.

Roman’s legal team also disclosed expenditures by Wade on Willis’s behalf, amounting to thousands of dollars, including undisclosed vacations to the Bahamas and Belize.

Wade has stated that costs for their personal travels were approximately split equally between him and Willis, addressing concerns about the financial aspects of their trips.

Additionally, McAfee clarified his stance on other aspects of Roman’s motion, deeming them irrelevant to the disqualification discussion.

He dismissed the significance of Wade’s lack of experience handling RICO cases, suggesting that as long as a lawyer is qualified to practice, their appointment is at the district attorney’s discretion.

McAfee also dismissed concerns related to Fulton County code regulations, indicating they don’t directly impact the matter of Willis’s potential disqualification.