Trump Gets Bad News From Georgia Judge

Donald Trump

( – In a major new legal setback for Donald Trump’s attempts to counter the leftist judicial onslaught against him, the judge presiding over his 2020 Georgia election interference trial has snubbed the former president’s request to dismiss the criminal charges based on his First Amendment Rights.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee on Thursday ruled against Donald Trump’s attempt to have criminal charges dismissed in a case related to alleged interference in the state’s 2020 election, which the former Republican president claimed infringed upon his rights to free speech.

The judge determined that the indictment accuses Trump and 14 other individuals involved in the case of making statements “in furtherance of criminal activity,” thus not covered under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Reuters reports cited by Newsmax.

Trump, alongside the other accused, faces charges of racketeering and additional crimes for their efforts to reverse Trump’s loss in Georgia to Democratic President Joe Biden.

They have all entered pleas of not guilty. This case is among four criminal legal battles Trump is contending with as the Nov. 5 election approaches.

His initial trial, concerning payments made to silence an adult film actress, is scheduled to begin in New York soon.

The legal actions in Georgia are concentrated on attempts to establish an alternative group of presidential electors committed to Trump, despite Biden’s victory in the state, and a phone call in January 2021 in which Trump urged the state’s chief election official to “find” enough votes to reverse his slim defeat.

Judge McAfee’s decision indicates he plans to proceed with taking the case to trial while Trump and eight other co-defendants attempt to remove Fani Willis, the scandalous leftist DA in charge of the case. An appellate court in Georgia is expected to review this matter in the upcoming weeks.

Judge McAfee pointed out that it would be a jury’s responsibility to decide whether Trump and the other defendants, including his former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and former chief of staff Mark Meadows, had criminal intentions.

McAfee noted that the defendants might have the opportunity to revisit their challenge as more evidence comes to light.

Trump is also fighting the case on other fronts, including an argument that he is immune from prosecution for actions undertaken in his official capacity as president.

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