Trump: ‘It’s Raging Back’

( – In what can only be described as utterly fair criticism of President Joe Biden, his presumed rival in the 2024 election, former President Donald Trump, has blasted the incumbent because the latter has “totally lost control” over inflation, which is “raging back.”

A recent uptick in inflation has unexpectedly provided former President Donald Trump with additional ammunition to criticize President Joe Biden, as the two prepare for a rematch in the 2024 presidential election, Fox News observes in a report, cited by DNyuz.

Following the Labor Department’s Wednesday announcement that the consumer price index—a comprehensive gauge of the cost of daily necessities like gasoline and groceries, along with rent—rose by 0.4% in March, Trump launched an attack on Biden.

“INFLATION is BACK—and RAGING!,” Trump declared in a statement on his social media platform.

An hour later, while on his way to Atlanta, Georgia, for the first of two campaign fundraising events, he gave reporters the same message.

“Biden has totally lost control of inflation. It’s back. It’s raging back,” the former president said.

The consumer price index’s increase was more significant than the 0.3% increase many economists had predicted.

Factors such as gas, rent, and car insurance were instrumental in driving up the overall inflation figures.

This monthly figure led to a year-over-year inflation rise of 3.5%, also surpassing expectations.

The index has consistently exceeded predictions each month since the previous fall, representing unwelcome news for President Biden as he seeks reelection.

“I’m calling on corporations, including grocery retailers, to use record profits to reduce prices,” Biden said in response to the inflation report.

He also criticized Congressional Republicans.

“Congressional Republicans want to slash taxes for billionaires and big corporations, while helping special interests and Big Pharma raise prices. I won’t let them,” Biden stressed, attacking the GOP.

The President has consistently attributed the ongoing issue of high prices to large corporations and Congressional Republicans.

The stock market reacted negatively to the inflation report, with major indexes experiencing declines.

Analysts anticipate that this news will likely postpone any decision by the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates.

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