Trump Makes Promise To Blacks (Video)

( – In a development likely spelling trouble and outrage for Democrats, former President Donald Trump has garnered significant support among black Americans during his campaign appearance in Detroit, making a vital promise to the local residents.

See footage from Trump’s campaign event in the tweets below!

On Saturday, Trump, the likely Republican nominee for president, aimed his message at African-American voters, highlighting the immigration issues at a policy roundtable held at 180 Church in Detroit’s central district.

During this event, he introduced the term “King of super predators” to describe Joe Biden, The New York Post reports.

“[The illegal immigrants] are coming for your jobs. And it’s terrible… The black community is being hurt most by illegal aliens. They’re coming into your communities and they’re taking your jobs,” Trump articulated, which elicited substantial applause from the audience.

While Detroit is not officially recognized as a sanctuary city, it, like Chicago and New York City, has experienced an influx of migrants.

At this gathering, Trump unveiled the “Black Americans for Trump” coalition, positioned as a counter to a similar initiative heavily funded by the Biden-Harris campaign, which, according to Trump, failed to align with the interests of the voters Biden has historically disenfranchised.

Trump argued that Biden posed a danger to African-American citizens, referencing Biden’s involvement in the creation of the 1994 crime bill, which significantly increased police presence and incarceration rates.

“He walks around now talking about the black vote — he’s the ‘king of the super predators,’” Trump declared.

“He wrote the 1994 crime bill that you all talk about so much, I guess everybody here knows about that, especially if you happen to be black,” he added.

The attendees in Detroit responded positively, particularly when Trump vowed to address the immigration crisis.

According to the Pew Research Center, immigration remains a primary concern for U.S. voters, alongside economic challenges and public safety.

Later that Saturday, at the Turning Point Action’s “People’s Convention,” Trump reiterated his dedication to border security, promising to be a president who “throws radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country and gets them out fast.”

“They’re pouring in at levels that nobody’s ever seen before, and we’re going to pay a big price,” he stated.

“On day one of my new administration, we will begin the largest deportation operation in American history. We have no other choice. This is not sustainable,” he added, which stirred the audience into a wave of applause and chants of “USA.”

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