Trump Says He Can Win THIS State?!

Donald Trump

( – Completely confident in his electoral chances boosted by recent surveys in battleground states, former President Donald Trump shared insights into his strategic ambition to flip a state that has consistently voted Democrat for decades.

During a recent discussion on WMAL’s The Vince Coglianese Show, hosted by Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese, Trump unveiled his focus for the 2024 election: winning Virginia.

The former president stated that Virginia’s current dissatisfaction with issues like migration and inflation presents a ripe opportunity for a Republican victory.

Coglianese inquired about Trump’s confidence in winning Virginia, given its recent political leaning towards Democrats. Trump responded with optimism and hope and cited the prevailing discontent among Virginians over immigration impacts and economic challenges.

He highlighted that these issues have transformed Virginia into a prime target for his campaign and emphasized his intent to vigorously campaign in Virginia, which is supported by polling data that suggests a narrowing gap between him and his potential Democratic opponents.

Trump stated:

“I think I could’ve won Virginia previously, but now if you look at it, people are miserable there. They are unhappy. The migrants are pouring into your cities and your areas and every place all over Virginia. It’s a much different place than it was.”

Virginia last voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 2004 when George W. Bush secured the state. Despite Trump’s loss to Joe Biden by a 10.1% margin in 2020 and to Hillary Clinton in 2016 he remains hopeful about reversing this trend.

Current polling bolsters his confidence since they show him leading Biden in several critical swing states and suggest a national climate that may favor his return.

Trump’s remarks also touch on concerns regarding Biden’s age and capability to serve effectively, an issue that has kept voters and political commentators increasingly concerned.

As the 2024 election horizon draws closer Trump’s strategy involves leveraging Virginia’s discontent and national concerns over Democratic leadership to reorient the state and possibly the country towards Republican governance.

Referencing his personal connections and investments in Virginia, Trump expressed a deep affinity for the state. He concluded by asserting Virginia’s readiness for a political shift driven by its citizens’ frustration with current governance.

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