Trump Slams Kayleigh

( – Former President Donald Trump criticized his former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, following her appearance on Fox News where she offered advice on his election strategy.

Trump, known for his direct and often confrontational style, took to Truth Social to voice his discontent.

He referred to McEnany as a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) and dismissed her suggestions outright. “I don’t need any advice from RINO Kayleigh McEnany on Fox. Just had a GIANT VICTORY over a badly failing candidate, ‘Birdbrain,’ and she’s telling me what I can do better. Save your advice for Nikki!” he posted.

This rebuke came after McEnany, during a Fox News segment, advised Trump to adopt a “general election tone.”

She based her recommendation on voter analysis from the New Hampshire primary, indicating that Joe Biden had a strong showing among certain demographics. McEnany emphasized the importance of uniting the party and attracting independent voters, citing the success of Nikki Haley in these areas.

Trump’s response to McEnany is not unprecedented. In May, he had labeled her “Milktoast McEnany” following her comments about Governor Ron DeSantis gaining traction in the polls.

Trump, who recently secured a win in New Hampshire by a significant margin over Haley, and a first-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, remains a dominant figure in the GOP presidential race. As the campaign moves towards the South Carolina primary on February 24, Trump and Haley continue as the main contenders for the Republican nomination.