Trump Takes On Prosecutor

Donald Trump

( – In a bold move, Former President Donald Trump has called for the district court to issue contempt charges against the special counsel and his team, accusing them of blatantly disregarding a court order.

According to Trump, Jack Smith’s actions are not just a legal misstep, but a calculated attempt to turn the legal process into a tool for the Biden campaign.

This development stems from the decision by District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan to pause the ongoing proceedings in Trump’s 2020 election case on December 13, waiting for an appeal decision on whether his presidential immunity claim would lead to the case’s dismissal. Despite this pause, Trump’s legal team pointed out that Smith has continued to submit documents, blatantly ignoring the court’s explicit order to halt proceedings. They argue that this is a deliberate strategy to use the court’s docket for spreading political narratives unfavorable to Trump, taking advantage of the fact that Trump is temporarily relieved from responding due to the stay.

Trump’s lawyers are not just observing from the sidelines. They’ve taken decisive action, requesting the court to demand an explanation from the prosecutors for their continued filings and to consider imposing sanctions for their defiance, including covering Trump’s legal expenses.

In a striking statement, Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung lambasted Jack Smith, labeling him as “Joe Biden’s henchman” and accusing him of orchestrating a witch hunt against Trump. Cheung asserts that Smith’s actions contravene the court’s direction to suspend activities in the trial pending the resolution of the presidential immunity issue. He frames this as an affront to justice, underscoring the principle that no prosecutor is above the law.

Trump’s legal team also raised concerns that the prosecutors’ insistence on pushing forward is an underhanded attempt to undermine Trump’s potential run in the 2024 Presidential Election. They see this as a clear strategy to harass and impede Trump, rather than a genuine pursuit of justice.

The next major step in this legal saga is set for January 9, when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to conduct oral arguments regarding Trump’s appeal. This will be a critical juncture in determining the direction of this high-profile case.