Trump Wants FIGHTER

Donald Trump

( – With the 2024 election rapidly approaching and Donald Trump cementing his status as the presumed GOP nominee, the former president is now looking for a running mate who is a “fighter.”

Trump is actively searching for a “fighter” to accompany him as his vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election, dismissing considerations of gender or race as irrelevant, according to sources close to the former US president, cited by The Guardian.

The report notes it was once conventional wisdom that Trump would likely select a woman or a person of color to widen his electoral appeal.

However, aides to the presumptive Republican nominee indicate that he will not consider identity politics in his decision.

Trump, who is deliberating his choice, seeks a vice-presidential candidate who excels in media engagement and is prepared to defend him on adversarial television networks.

“In short,” a Trump ally remarked, “he wants someone who is everything Mike Pence wasn’t.”

Pence, the former vice-president, played a crucial role during the 2016 and 2020 campaigns as the Christian conservative figure who consolidated support among Republicans wary of the thrice-married reality TV star.

Nevertheless, Pence’s refusal to fulfill Trump’s demand to overturn the 2020 election results led to their estrangement and made Pence a target during the January 6th riots.

This election cycle, Trump is aiming to select a “Goldilocks” vice-presidential candidate: robust yet obedient, aligned with the MAGA philosophy but not excessively rehearsed, charismatic yet not overshadowing him, claims the report by the pro-left news outlet.

His selection will be positioned against Kamala Harris, the first black woman to serve as vice-president. Nonetheless, his campaign does not view selecting a black candidate, such as Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, as inherently beneficial, preferring instead to engage voters of color through community outreach and policy initiatives.

A campaign source noted that black voters have conveyed that issues like the economy and community safety are more important to them than identity politics.

Given that Biden is 81 years old and Trump celebrated his 78th birthday recently, and both have served one term already, there is heightened emphasis on the vice-presidency in this election year.

Historically, fifteen vice-presidents have ascended to the presidency, eight following the death of the incumbent.

“It’s got to be somebody that he knows can be the president of the United States because – he hasn’t said this but other people are saying this – this could be a person that’s in the White House for the next 12 years, so he understands the importance of that,” Jim McLaughlin, a former pollster for Trump, commented.

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