Trump’s Face On Money?

( – Former President Donald Trump’s portrait could be featured on $500 bills, should new legislation proposed by a House Republican be enacted.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) introduced the Treasury Reserve Unveiling Memorable Portrait (TRUMP) Act on Wednesday.

This act mandates the Treasury secretary to issue $500 Federal Reserve notes adorned with Trump’s portrait.

In a critical commentary on current economic conditions, Gosar stated, “Bidenflation continues to devalue our currency,” and highlighted that the proposal “offers several practical advantages.”

“First, larger-value currency will empower Americans with the freedom of more tangible options to save and exchange goods and services,” Gosar elaborated.

“Additionally, the absence of large-denomination currency issued by the Treasury encourages Americans to rely on digital banking, which faces greater vulnerability to surveillance and censorship,” he added.

Currently, the highest denomination of U.S. currency issued is the $100 bill.

The last issuance of larger denominations, including $500 bills, occurred in 1969, with the last printing in 1945, as per the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Previously, $500 notes featured John Marshall, a foundational figure in American history who served as a House representative, secretary of state, and chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Another series depicted William McKinley, the 25th president.

The bureau’s largest-ever printed note was the $100,000 Gold Certificate.

Gosar contended that $500 bills bearing Trump’s image would be “highly sought after” by collectors, “generating revenue for the government through increased demand for numismatic items.”

“Collectors often covet currency with unique designs and historical significance and bills featuring the very popular 45th President will attract considerable attention from collectors,” he stated.

Despite the proposal, the legislation’s prospects are uncertain.

While Republicans, who largely support Trump as he campaigns for another presidential term, control the House, the Senate and the White House are under Democratic leadership.

Nonetheless, Gosar argued that his initiative could serve as a new source of federal revenue at a critical time when “the national debt is approaching $35 trillion with no signs of slowing down.”

“This will no doubt create a market for the $500 Trump bills far beyond their face value and increase the seigniorage earnings of the government, thus increasing overall revenues,” Gosar concluded.

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