Trump’s Sister Found Dead in NY

( – On November 13, 2023, in a somber development, the Country was touched by tragedy as former President Donald Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, was found dead at her home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side early Monday morning. The 86-year-old retired federal judge was found in her bedroom around 4 a.m., and emergency responders summoned for a reported cardiac arrest, pronounced her dead at the scene.

While the Medical Examiner is yet to determine the cause of her passing, initial reports suggest there were no signs of trauma or foul play. Maryanne Trump Barry had served as a federal judge and was widely known as the sister of the former president.

The untimely demise of Maryanne Trump Barry marks a moment of reflection for those familiar with her contributions to the legal profession and her familial ties to one of the most prominent figures in recent political history. As details continue to unfold, the nation mourns the loss of a respected jurist and the sibling of a former commander-in-chief.

In a poignant footnote to this tragic event, it is worth noting that Maryanne Trump Barry’s relationship with her brother, former President Donald Trump, was marked by discord. Speculations suggest that her wishes were to keep her brother unmentioned during her funeral proceedings and to exclude any opportunity for him to deliver a eulogy. This nuanced aspect of their relationship adds a layer of complexity to the mourning process, highlighting the personal dynamics within the Trump family.