US Embassy Attacked

( – The U.S. enemies worldwidе are getting bolder under Joe Biden, as a Syrian gunman attacked the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon and was wounded after exchanging fire with Lebanese troops.

The Lebanese army reported that the gunman was detained and hospitalized for his injuries while searches were conducted in the vicinity for potential additional attackers.

The U.S. Embassy confirmed that there had been a shooting near its entrance earlier in the day but assured that the facility and its staff remained secure.

Notably, U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson was not in Lebanon at the time, as she was traveling elsewhere.

A Lebanese security official disclosed to Reuters that the troops had shot the gunman in the stomach.

Although an embassy spokesperson did not comment on any injuries among the guards, the Lebanese official noted that a member of the embassy’s security detail had sustained minor injuries.

Images of the suspected attacker appeared online and Reuters verified they had been taken near the embassy.

Part of the Arabic inscription on his vest was visible and read “Islamic,” though no group had claimed responsibility for the incident at that time.

In the aftermath of the shooting, security measures were heightened with Lebanese forces establishing checkpoints around the embassy while a U.S.-provided helicopter patrolled overhead.

Lebanese acting prime minister Najib Mikati stated he was in communication with the defense minister and security officials regarding the situation.

The U.S. Embassy relocated north of Beirut in a highly fortified area after a devastating suicide bombing in 1983 that claimed over 60 lives.

Areas surrounding the embassy vicinity have seen other security incidents in recent weeks, including shootings and protests during the early stages of the Gaza conflict.

In response, Lebanese security officials were forced to employ tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators.

Additionally, the ongoing conflict between Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel has escalated tensions in Lebanon since October, the same time the Gaza war started.

This has led to significant displacement along the Israel-Lebanon border, with widespread concerns that the conflict could intensify.

The United States is currently carrying out efforts to mediate and reduce hostilities in the region amid these challenges.

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