US Presidential Candidate Arrested (Video)

( – For fueling the flames of conflict, extreme-left Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested during a protest against Israel at Washington University in St. Louis.

Watch the video below.

This incident occurred after a confrontation she had the day before outside Columbia University.

As reported by the St. Louis Dispatch, the 73-year-old former physician turned activist was part of a large group that refused to leave the private university’s campus, which resulted in over 80 arrests.

Alongside Stein, her campaign manager, Jason Call, and deputy campaign manager, Kelly Merrill-Caye, were also taken into custody.

During the protest, Stein was vocal about her support for the demonstrators’ cause, stating, “We’re standing here with the students at WashU, standing up for our Constitutional rights, standing up for the American people who want to end this genocide now.”

Additional posts on her account claimed that Stein was actively involved with the students and accused the police of using force against the protesters.

“Jill and others were attempting to de-escalate with police before they began arresting people,” one post claimed.

The protest centered on demanding an end to the conflict in Gaza and urged Washington University to sever all ties with Boeing Co., which the protesters linked to the war efforts.

The university responded to the protest by stating that the demonstration seemed likely to escalate and become dangerous.

The university also stated it was committed to free expression as long as it complied with its policies. It reported injuries to police officers and further indicated that those arrested would face trespassing, potentially resisting arrest and assault charges.

This event comes shortly after Stein faced criticism from Jewish protesters outside Columbia University who disagreed with her stance against Israel’s actions in Gaza. They labeled her views as those of a minority within the Jewish community.

Stein, a Harvard graduate herself who ran for the U.S. presidency with the Green Party in 2012 and 2016, launched her 2024 presidential campaign on X last November.

She has placed a strong emphasis on ending what she refers to as the “genocide in Gaza” as a key element of her campaign platform.

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