VIDEO: Biden Facing ‘Absolute Disaster’

( – A recent New York Times poll has spelled “absolute disaster” for Joe Biden as he trails former President Trump in critical swing states crucial for the November election.

Watch the video below.

Trump is ahead in five of the six key battleground states, with Biden only leading in Wisconsin.

This trend is alarming for Biden, especially since the poll also shows his declining support among vital components of his electoral base: young, Black and Hispanic voters.

Although Republicans celebrated these findings, Democrats warned not to put too much stock in a single poll so far from election day.

“With the usual stipulations about polls six months out, Biden is behind,” noted Jim Kessler of the Third Way think tank. He emphasized that Biden’s campaign needed to address issues like border security, crime and inflation more effectively.

CNN’s polling expert Harry Enten described the poll results from Nevada and Arizona as “an absolute disaster” for Biden.

However, the situation in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—the states forming the Democrats’ traditional “blue wall”—appeared more manageable. Enten highlighted, “It’s advantage Donald Trump, but he’s not over the 270 mark just yet.”

The poll surveyed registered voters in these key states and found Trump ahead by varying margins: 3 percentage points in Pennsylvania, 5 in Michigan, 7 in Arizona, 10 in Georgia, and 12 in Nevada.

Biden’s narrow 2-point lead in Wisconsin is the only consolation in these troubling numbers.

Biden won all these states in 2020 and they are all set to be fiercely competitive once again.

Despite strong economic data presented by the White House, Trump’s lead has been consistent in battleground state polling.

“What’s so impressive about this is polls have historically underestimated Trump’s support, not overestimated Trump’s support,” Republican strategist Ford O’Connell pointed out.

He also referred to a recent Trump rally in New Jersey, suggesting it was a bad sign for Biden’s campaign.

Poll results show Biden’s once-solid support base eroding. He leads Trump 63% to 23% among Black voters—a significant drop from the 87% support he received in 2020.

Both Trump and Biden are much closer among Hispanic voters and young voters, groups Biden previously won by large margins.

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