VIDEO: Hero Cops Save 3-Year-Old

( – In dramatic bodycam footage, heroic New Jersey Transit Police officers were recorded making a critical rescue of a 3-year-old boy who was choking and turning blue.

Watch the video below.

The incident happened at the Trenton station where transit officers were alerted to a crisis on a private bus.

The tense moments show a distressed person at the bus door desperately calling out “Baby baby baby!” as they handed the unresponsive boy to the officers.

The officers quickly attempted CPR as the boy’s airway was blocked.

Despite their efforts, the child’s condition worsened. His skin turned a worrying shade of blue due to a lack of oxygen, which prompted desperate cries from his non-English-speaking parents in the background.

When he realized the gravity of the situation, K-9 Officer Timothy Geoghegan rushed the boy to the hospital in a police cruiser while Sgt. Michael Filandro kept providing lifesaving CPR in the backseat.

Throughout the nerve-wracking ride, Filandro encouraged the young boy, saying, “Stay with me. Stay with me ok, buddy?”

The situation took a turn for the better when the child started to breathe again. “He’s moving air. He’s making noise,” Filandro told Geoghegan with relief in his voice as the child began to whimper.

The boy’s recovery in the cruiser was met with joy. “There we go! Alright! Good job!” Filandro said.

The New Jersey Transit Police Department praised the heroic actions of their officers in a statement.

It acknowledged the efforts of Lieutenant Mark Frenzel, officers Roberto Tavares and Michael Virag and the immediate responders.

“An excellent job and a young life saved by the New Jersey Transit Police Officers,” the department stated.

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