VIDEO: Nikki Makes It Official

( – In groundbreaking news signaling a collaborative effort if she wins the presidency, Republican candidate Nikki Haley revealed that she would grant former President Donald Trump a pardon if he were to be convicted of a federal offense.

Watch the video below.

This declaration came in response to a direct inquiry during a Fox News town hall in South Carolina, Haley’s previous gubernatorial domain. She articulated that such a pardon would serve the national “best interest” by facilitating a collective move beyond persistent discord.

Moderated by John Roberts, Haley explained at the town hall that the question of pardoning Trump goes beyond the duality of guilt or innocence. Her stance is that pardoning Trump would symbolize a step towards national unity following a hypothetical conviction.

“I believe, in the best interest of bringing the country together, I would pardon Donald Trump. Because I think it’s important for the country to move on,” she added.

Emphasizing the need to shed the “negativity and the baggage,” Haley argued against further societal division. She suggested that incarcerating an octogenarian former president would not align with America’s best interests and advocated for progress and resolution instead.

Trump is currently involved in four criminal indictments—including two at the federal level spearheaded by Special Counsel Jack Smith—and faces charges related to alleged post-2020 election interference and mishandling of national security documents.

Despite these legal entanglements, Trump maintains a formidable lead over Haley and other rivals within the Republican Party, according to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s national polling average.

Haley’s remarks come ahead of the South Carolina GOP. While Trump’s lead in this state is less dominant than on the national stage, he still significantly outpaces Haley per primary polling averages.

Haley has navigated the topic of a presidential pardon before by drawing parallels to President Ford’s pardon of Nixon post-Watergate. Initially, Haley stated she would not entertain a preemptive pardon for Trump but would consider one upon conviction.

Reiterating her stance on Fox News, Haley underscored the imperative of moving the country forward. She views a pardon not as forgiving guilt but as a necessary measure for national reconciliation to prevent further division by aligning with the country’s best interests.