VIDEO: ‘The Greatest Gift’

( – In a heartfelt, even tearful message, Philadelphia Eagles star center Jason Kelce declared fatherhood to be the “greatest gift” in the world during a press conference to announce his retirement from professional football.

See a video from Jason Kelce’s press conference below!

As he spoke at the Philadelphia Eagles’ headquarters, Kelce was visibly moved as he expressed his gratitude towards his parents, who he credits with shaping him into the man and father he is today to his three daughters with his wife, Kylie.

“I am a product of my upbringing. I think one of the best things a person can be in this world is a father. A father who is present, loving, devoted, just might be the greatest gift a child could ask for in our society,” the NFL star said.

“And I have a damn good one. My father believed in me more than anyone. He believed in my brother and whenever my own insecurities would arise or self-doubt would come in he would stifle them with the warm embrace of belief, unwavering love, and belief … He was the man and continues to be the man and father I strive to be,” Kelce elaborated.

“I like to think I got my toughness, aggression & lunch-pail mentality from my father. And from my mother I learned the all-too-important lesson of never letting anyone tell you what you can’t do,” the retiring Eagles center stated.

He also made clear his admiration for his wife, Kylie, attributing the best years of his career to her unwavering support.

“Every accolade I have ever received has come with her in my life. She has brought the best out of me through love, devotion, support, honesty, intelligence, and of course a swift kick in the a** from time to time. She has also given me three beautiful girls and a life that increasingly brings me more fulfillment off the field than it does on. We’ve had a great run, Ky,” Kelce said.

Kelce began his press conference by reflecting on why he was drawn to football, comparing the attraction to that of a favorite song or book.

He described the intensity and freedom he felt on the field, which made him feel alive and passionate about the sport.

“I’m retiring from the NFL after 13 seasons with the NFL … That’s all I’ve got,” the star player concluded.

His career achievements include being a six-time All-Pro center and playing a pivotal role in leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl LII victory in 2018 against the New England Patriots.

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