Will Supreme Court Do THIS?!

United States Supreme Court

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In what many believe is a bizarre move challenging the Republican Party’s candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, Donald Trump, Special Counsel Jack Smith has turned to the Supreme Court with a pivotal request concerning the former president and his immunity in the controversial 2020 election case.

Smith’s audacious appeal on Monday seeks the high Court’s intervention even before lower courts conclude their deliberations. It hinges on unraveling Trump’s assertion of presidential immunity, a claim District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan dismissed earlier in December.

Smith emphasized to the Supreme Court the urgent need to address Trump’s immunity claims, stating, “It is of imperative public importance that respondent’s claims of immunity be resolved by this Court and that respondent’s trial proceed as promptly as possible if his claim of immunity is rejected.”

He firmly believes these claims are fundamentally flawed, echoing the district court’s sentiment. However, he recognizes that only the Supreme Court can provide a definitive verdict.

This development follows Trump’s decision to appeal Judge Chutkan’s rejection of his bid to dismiss the 2020 election case based on presidential immunity.

The trial assessing Smith’s charges against Trump, centered on allegations of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, is currently set to commence on March 4 in the district court.

Acknowledging the unusual nature of his request, Smith described the United States as recognizing this as an “extraordinary” appeal for an “extraordinary” case, urging the Court to expedite its decision-making process.

Judge Chutkan, in her December 1 ruling, made a notable statement clarifying that the presidency does not provide a lifelong shield against legal accountability, asserting that “Former Presidents enjoy no special conditions on their federal criminal liability.”

Trump initially sought to have his case dismissed last October, arguing that his actions, as detailed in the indictment, were part of his official presidential duties. He faces four counts, including conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruct an official proceeding, among others.

Smith’s request to the Supreme Court also underscores the gravity and national significance of this case, as it involves a former President and his actions during his tenure.

He wrote, “This case involves an issue of exceptional national importance: the amenability to federal prosecution of a former President of the United States for conduct undertaken during his presidency and the effect, if any, that his acquittal in impeachment proceedings has on this federal prosecution.”

This development marks a significant moment in the ongoing saga surrounding the 2020 election, placing the Supreme Court at the center of a debate that could have far-reaching implications for presidential accountability and the legal boundaries of executive privilege.