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Our updates are frequent, fast, and respectful to your faith-based community. Also keeping in mind reverence for our law enforcement officers and men and women in uniform, our updates provide an uplifting, hard-earned view of conservative America. We aim to keep news fast, fair, and free of liberal bias. Won’t you join us on our mission?

We believe in empowering readers through education, which is why our writers and editors are focused on speed and accuracy in all we do. Your content is fact-checked and free of liberal bias you’ll find in the mainstream media.

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Our dedicated team is all about speed and accuracy. We are committed to presenting news in a a fast, frequent, accurate, and respectful way. We tackle issues of personal freedoms and responsibilities most important to faith-focused leaders who are concerned with protecting their families and American values.

Our team comes from all walks of life. We have writers and editors from middle America, coast to coast, and even some expats willing to chip in from abroad.

Contacting 5 Min News Break

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