Our Team

We’re so glad you stopped by the 5 Minute News Break team page. Here you’ll find a diverse group of individuals who are passionate and dedicated to their cause — creating conversational news pieces that are clear and concise. We are committed to creating an environment in which you will feel informed while gaining fresh, unbiased perspectives and insights.

The 5 Minute News Break Mission

Our mission is incredibly clear. We offer Snappy News pieces that are designed to offer you quick updates on what’s happening in the world, as well as Quick Breaks that contain deeper dives and community-centric content.

We start each day with passion and purpose and work hard to ensure you are well-informed. In doing so, we aim to work within the confines of our core values in a way that makes ingesting the daily news more bearable than if you were to get it from the mainstream media.

Meet the 5 Minute News Break Team

Our team is made of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our common interests are our passion for unbiased conservative news. Each of our diverse backgrounds lends a unique perspective to the work we deliver. This type of diversity plays a huge role in enriching our reporting style, promising you a broad and balanced view of the issues that matter most to you.

Our dedicated contributors and experienced journalists all share a common belief. They value fact-based reporting and believe in traditional American values. We’re here to serve you, not pander to you.

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