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5 Minute News Break is all about being concise, conservative, and conversational.

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5 Minute News Break is all about being concise, conservative, and conversational. We provide digestible information from a conservative lens, but give you enough information to understand the talking points and formulate your own opinion about the issue.

Take the time to stay informed about issues that affect your daily life from the perspective of traditional American values. Ignore the liberal bias and ignite a focus on real, fact-based information.

Approach Each Day with a Mission

At 5 Minute News Break, we’re on a two-fold mission: to empower you with Snappy News, so you can read frequent news updates quickly throughout your busy day, and to make sure you get some Quick Breaks during your day, to embrace some uplifting, community-centric content that will make the day more bearable.

Our mission is to report the news in a way respectful to the law enforcement officers who protect and serve, along with men and women in uniform serving at home and abroad, and the hometown healthcare heroes who care so much.

What 5 Minute News Break Publishes

We provide information and insights in a quick format focusing on issues that affect your individual rights and freedoms. If you’re concerned with community outlook, personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, first and second amendment rights, and the right to life, you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

Discover 5 Min News Break

Our Editorial Policies

The 5 Minute News Break team is dedicated and passionate. We believe in upholding the highest level of journalistic integrity. In doing so, we practice these core values:

  1. Accurate Reporting: We promise to deliver news that is clearly written, concise, and easy to understand. We aren’t here to confuse you into believing someone’s opinion. We want to deliver cold, hard facts.
  2. A Conservative Lens: We promise to look at the news through the lens of a traditional conservative American. We understand your values — we share them. We’ll do our best to present facts while battling liberal bias.
  3. Respectful Reporting: We don’t tolerate disrespect towards law enforcement, our military, or our nation’s healthcare heroes. Our news will honor their dedication and commitment to the community.
  4. Fact Based Reporting: You won’t find editorialized opinion here. We stress the importance of fact-checking and accuracy to ensure all of our reporting is reliable.

Editorial Policy

Meet the 5 Minute News Break Team

Our team is made of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our common interests are our passion for unbiased conservative news. Each of our diverse backgrounds lends a unique perspective to the work we deliver. This type of diversity plays a huge role in enriching our reporting style, promising you a broad and balanced view of the issues that matter most to you.

Our dedicated contributors and experienced journalists all share a common belief. They value fact-based reporting and believe in traditional American values. We’re here to serve you, not pander to you.

Our Team