Law Prof: ‘Trump Is Right’

Donald Trump

( – Backing his arguments with a sound academic background, Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University’s law school, blasted the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for launching a criminal case against former President Donald Trump.

Turley voiced his concerns during an interview and said “Trump is right” for labeling the situation as an “embarrassment” to the justice system.

He made his comments while he was discussing Trump’s “hush money” trial’s initial statements.

Turley slammed survey operators for their seemingly biased opinion toward the former president, saying, “If you polled people and ask if Trump was responsible for the bubonic plague, we would end up with the same 35%.”

“We have these hard numbers on either end of the poll when it comes to Trump. They don’t move no matter what the subject is,” Turley added. “What’s clear is in this case, Trump is right. I mean, this is an embarrassment.

Turley also said it “leaves me in utter disbelief” to have a trial initiated by a Democrat in a courtroom located in an extremely liberal state.

He continued, “… this is going back to relate it to the 2016 election, and they zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance violation under the federal laws that doesn’t exist. The Department of Justice doesn’t view it this way.”

“On top of that, you got these tough factual issues that were laid out well by the Trump team. Saying someone else designated this as a legal expense. He was actually paid far in excess of this because this was a legal account,” he explained.

Turley also reminded that “this is what Hillary Clinton’s people did. Remember, when they funded the Steele dossier — which they denied to reporters — they put it as a legal expense.”

“And then they fought the eventual fine they received from the federal government saying that it was a legal expense. Now you’ve got some of the same Democrats supporting this bizarre theory,” Turley concluded.

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