Newt Gingrich Slams Matt Gaetz

( – In light of recent developments putting the House in danger of a leadership shakeup, former Speaker Newt Gingrich pointed to Rep. Matt Gaetz as the one to blame for the disarray plaguing the House GOP.

During an appearance on Fox News with Laura Ingraham, Gingrich lamented the chaos that has since led to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s departure from Congress and jeopardized the unity of the Republican caucus.

Gingrich criticized Gaetz’s actions for inciting internal discord, which has resulted in a series of GOP exits, further weakening their slim majority.

“We shouldn’t underestimate how bad what Matt Gaetz did was for the whole system. He unleashed the demons. He went after somebody who had raised $480 million, had gained seats for three elections in a row. He drove Kevin McCarthy out of office,” Gingrich stated and highlighted the resulting chaos from Gaetz’s leadership challenge.

The rebellion led by Gaetz against McCarthy threw the party into temporary disorder and ended in Rep. Mike Johnson assuming the role of Speaker after Gaetz accused McCarthy of secret dealings that compromised conservative values.

However, Gingrich does not hold Johnson responsible since the ungovernable situation is a result of the conditions created by Gaetz’s revolt.

Gingrich suggested that the solution lies in re-electing former President Donald Trump, therefore securing a strong Republican majority capable of effective governance. He recalled his tenure as Speaker and contrasted his circumstances with Johnson’s tight spot, which leaves little room for maneuver given the current slim majority.

Gingrich also criticized the Freedom Caucus by arguing that its approach created less effective governance and more control for Democrats. He also voiced his frustrations with members who prioritize showing off over productive legislative action.

The narrative took another turn when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a motion to oust Johnson over dissatisfaction with his legislative decisions, notably the recent $1.2 trillion omnibus spending package. Although she framed her motion as a cautionary step rather than an outright dismissal, the move underscores the ongoing trouble within the GOP ranks.

Meanwhile Gaetz defended Johnson amid growing conservative dissent and cautioned against actions that could inadvertently benefit the Democrats. “When I vacated the last one, I made a promise to the country that we would not end up with a Democrat speaker. … I couldn’t make that promise again today,” he added.

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