NFL Legend’s Stunning Announcement

( – In what would be the biggest news of the year for NFL fans, a huge legend hinted at a possible return to the field.

Tom Brady, the celebrated quarterback with seven Super Bowl victories under his belt, has said he is “not opposed” to the possibility of dusting off his cleats for another NFL comeback if asked.

In a recent discussion on the DeepCut podcast, 46-year-old Brady entertained the idea of stepping back onto the field if needed, despite having previously announced his retirement twice – the latest deemed “for good.”

Brady’s renowned career spanned two decades with the New England Patriots before he capped it off with a three-season stint at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

His transition from player to part of the Las Vegas Raiders’ ownership group in May 2023 has neither dulled his competitive edge nor settled the matter of his NFL eligibility.

“I don’t know if they are going to let me [return as a player] if I become an owner of an NFL team,” Brady stated.

“I’m always going to be in good shape. I’ll always be able to throw the ball,” Brady said, comparing his potential return to basketball icon Michael Jordan’s own comebacks.

The record books bear Brady’s mark forever, with him leading in regular-season pass attempts (12,050), completions (7,753), passing yards (89,214) and touchdown passes (649).

His collection of five MVP awards remains unmatched in NFL history.

Brady’s recent remarks about a possible return to the playing field, which were shared while he was in a barber’s chair, have stirred excitement and speculation, particularly among New England Patriots fans as they anticipate a grand stadium ceremony in his honor on June 12.

Brady’s venture into sports broadcasting with Fox Sports is on the horizon, promising a new chapter for the quarterback. “I love having this challenge to try something different in my life. It’s going to challenge me in a lot of different ways.”

“My career and all that, that’s a thing of the past in my mind. I was a gladiator out there, and now my time has moved on. Now it’s, ‘OK, how can I deliver for my next group of teammates?'” he concluded.

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