Pence Gets New Job

( – After failing to come even close to challenging Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, his former veep Mike Pence has found new employment as a fellow at a conservative college.

Pence has assumed a position as a fellow at Grove City College, located in Pennsylvania, within their newly inaugurated “Faith & Public Life” center.

This appointment was publicized during the unveiling of the “Center for Faith & Public Life.”

Paul McNulty, the college’s president, articulated the significance of faith’s role in public discourse, especially in contemporary America, through a press statement.

“The appropriate role of faith in the public square is a major issue in this moment of our American life,” he declared, as cited by The College Fix.

McNulty further elaborated on the visions of the nation’s founders, emphasizing a society where freedom is underpinned by the self-regulation of its citizens and virtues derived from religious beliefs.

“The Founders envisioned a free society sustained by a self-governing citizenry and strengthened by virtues rooted in religious belief,” the college president said.

Adding to this, McNulty highlighted the Christian mandate to pursue justice, practice compassion, and live in humility before God as central to the institution’s new initiative.

“At the core of Christian faith is the call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. The Center will examine how and why Christians have sought to put their faith into action for the common good,” he stated.

In this role, Pence is titled the “Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Faith & Public Life,” where he will engage in teaching alongside McNulty and partake in writing and public speaking endeavors.

The college conveyed its objectives with the center, aiming to enhance understanding of the historic interplay between religious conviction and the public arena.

The initiative seeks to investigate the integration of faith within public policy and service, alongside bolstering Christian participation in public affairs.

“To meet this moment, Grove City College is launching the Center for Faith & Public Life to expand awareness of the historic relationship between religious belief and public life; explore ways to integrate faith in public policy and service; and strengthen opportunities for Christian engagement in public life,” the school announced.

“Faith and engaging in public life are not mutually exclusive, nor should they ever be,” Pence stated during the center’s inauguration.

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