Recall Underway

( – Ford Motor Company has announced a significant recall affecting over 450,000 vehicles due to a concern regarding a potential battery detection issue, as disclosed in a report to the US authorities.

The automotive giant is addressing worries that the implicated vehicles could unexpectedly come to a halt while in motion or struggle to restart, thereby raising the risk of an accident, The Daily Caller reports.

The recall specifically involves approximately 402,978 units of the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco Sport models and 53,587 units of the 2022-2023 Ford Maverick models, as detailed in the safety recall report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The report reveals the core of the issue:

“An insufficient calibration strategy for detecting sudden battery degradations during a drive cycle can lead to (a) a vehicle that is unable to restart after an auto start/stop event or (b) experience a stall while coming to a stop at low speed,” adding that such situations “may be accompanied by a loss of 12-volt accessories, including hazard lights.”

This condition was identified as a significant safety hazard because “[a] loss of motive power can increase the risk of a crash,” as cautioned in the document.

The NHTSA initiated contact with Ford in October 2023 to inquire about customer complaints regarding these malfunctions, prompting Ford to commence an investigation into the matter the subsequent month, as per the recall report.

The report also provides an overview of the documented incidents related to this concern.

“As of February 8, 2024, Ford is aware of 917 warranty reports, 11 field reports, and 54 customer complaints related to this concern. There are 3 unverified reports of fire and 2 property damage claims,” it says.

It is noted that, to date, Ford has not been informed of any accidents or injuries resulting from this defect.

To address this issue, Ford plans to reach out to the owners of the affected vehicles via mail, instructing them to visit a Ford or Lincoln dealership.

There, the vehicles will undergo updates to the power-train control module and body control module calibrations at no cost to the owners.

This recall follows a similar action taken by Ford four months prior, involving nearly two million Ford Explorer SUVs.

The previous recall was prompted by concerns that the A-pillar trim retention clips could detach, posing a potential hazard on the road.

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