VIDEO: Trump Slams Judge

( – Voicing his concerns about unfair treatment looming over his trial, former President Donald Trump expressed significant displeasure with the judge overseeing his New York legal proceedings.

Trump was particularly frustrated about being tied to court obligations rather than mobilizing support on the campaign front or attending his son’s graduation.

Watch the video below.

“We’re not going to be given a fair trial,” Trump declared to the press after the jury selection process for his “hush money” case closed.

This case is just one piece of a broader legal swamp involving four separate Democratic-led criminal cases against him.

His discontent extended to Judge Juan Merchan, whom Trump blasted for unfairly denying his request to be excused for an April 25 Supreme Court hearing.

The Supreme Court is set to deliberate on whether a former president enjoys immunity from criminal prosecution, a stance Trump upholds.

“The judge, of course, is not going to allow us to go to that,” Trump complained. He thinks he’s superior, I guess, to the Supreme Court.”

Trump’s criticisms did not stop at the courtroom door. Although Merchan dismissed a plea for recusal, Trump doubled down on his criticism: “We’ve got a real problem with this judge,” he argued. “He’s a very conflicted judge.”

Calling Manhattan’s Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case a “political witch hunt,” Trump lamented he is missing opportunities to connect with voters in key states due to his court appearances.

“I’m not in Georgia, or Florida or North Carolina, campaigning like I should be,” he protested. “This is about election interference.”

This case not only marks Trump as the first former president to stand trial but also puts him in the spotlight for allegedly concealing a payment made to a porn star to purportedly silence her.

Facing 34 counts tied to business record falsifications linked to the hush money allegations, Trump refuted any affair with Stormy Daniels and maintained his innocence.

A week before, Judge Merchan expanded a gag order on Trump, restricting him from talking about court personnel, though leaving him room to criticize Merchan and Bragg.

And criticize he did, especially as the trial’s procedures began to unfold.

The courtroom saga saw Trump’s legal team clashing with prosecutors over trial dynamics and jury selection, with mixed outcomes. While some rulings favored Trump, others allowed potentially damaging testimonies and evidence to be introduced against him.

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